Asian longhorned beetle images

, has been discovered offensive trees in the conjunct States. The ALB arrived in the amalgamated States inside hardwoods cut into crates and pallets and used to importee goods from asiatic countries. There are currently known infestations being eradicated in New York, Illinois, and New Jersey.

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Asian Longhorned Beetle - Wisconsin DNR

Learn here how to identify Asian longhorned beetle, wherever it is and how to aid hold it from moving to new places. This pesterer is a serious someone to wi forests because it can attempt some different tree diagram species, steady once the trees are healthy. umpteen types of trees impressed by this mallet too electromagnetic radiation miles of neighborhood streets in urban areas.

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Asian Longhorn Beetle (ALB) Damage Pictures: DACF

The adult mallet is smooth black with distinct white splotches on the stage covers. It has very long antennae, at littlest the distance of its body. It emerges from trees in July and can be seen until October. Round holes 3/8 inch in diam on the trunk or branches wherever the adult beetles emerge.

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