Naked in the rain bass

Naked In The Rain By the Red Hot Chili Peppers Bass correct E trailing a hale step E = D Intro: G-|-----------|-------------|-------------|----------------------| D-|-----------|-------------|-------------|----------------------| A-|--0--------|--(0)--------|--(0)--------|--(0)-----------------| E-|-----------|-------------|-------------|--------------3-x-3-3-| T T T T T Bass figure 1: G-|---------------------|----------------------|---------------------| D-|-----5--------5--5---|-----5---------5--5---|-----5--------5--5---| A-|---------------------|----------------------|---------------------| E-|-3/5---0--3/5------x-|-3/5---0--3/5-------0-|-3/5---0--3/5------x-| T P T T P P T T P T T P P T T P T T P P T G-|----------------------| D-|-----5---------5--5---| A-|----------------------| E-|-3/5---0--3/5-------0-| T P T T P P T Bass figure 2: G-|-------7--------7--7---|------7---------7--7---| D-|----x------------------|-----------------------| A-|-3-------0--3/5------0-|-3-------0--3/5------0-| E-|-----------------------|---0-------------------| T T P T T P P T T T P T T P P T G-|-------7--------7--7---|------7---------7--7----| D-|-----------------------|------------------------| A-|-3-------0--3/5------0-|-3-5------0--3/5------0-| E-|---x-0-----------------|------------------------| T T T P T T P P T T T P T T P P T Chorus: G-|-------|-------|-----------------------|---------------------| D-|-------|-------|------5---------5--5---|-----5--------5--5---| A-|-------|-3-----|-----------------------|---------------------| E-|-3-----|-------|-3/5----0--3/5-------0-|-3/5---0--3/5------0-| T T T P T T P P T T P T T P P T G-|--------------|-----------|----------------------|--------------------| D-|--------------|------1--3-|-----5---------5--5---|-----5-------5--5---| A-|-3----0-1--2--|-3---------|----------------------|--------------------| E-|-3------------|-----------|-3/5---0--3/5-------0-|-3/5---0-3/5------0-| T T T T T T T T P T T P P T T P T T P P T low pitch solo: G-|----------------------------|--------------------------| D-|----------------------------|------------------3-3h5---| A-|-------x-1--x-3--x-4--5/6---|------x-1-x-3/4-x---------| E-|-3--5---------------------8-|-3--5-------------------x-| G-|---------------------------|--------7--9-7---9/10---| D-|--------3--0-5-3-----------|-------8--8----8------8-| A-|----------------5-3---4--1-|------------------------| E-|-3--5-x--------------------|-3--5-------------------| G-|-12h14-14-12h14-14-12h14-14-12h14-14-10h12-12-|-9h10-10-9-9--7-7--5p0-| D-|----------------------------------------------|-----------------------| A-|----------------------------------------------|-----------------------| E-|----------------------------------------------|-----------------------| G-|----------------------3--|-6-6/18--18--18/19-19-17p15-----| D-|-------5-3-------3--5--5-|----------------------------17\-| A-|-----------5--6----------|--------------------------------| E-|-5--5--------------------|--------------------------------| Last Chorus: G-|--------|------|-----------------------|---------------------| D-|--------|------|------5---------5--5---|-----5--------5--5---| A-|-3--1-2/|3---x-|-----------------------|---------------------| E-|-3------|------|-3/5----0--3/5-------0-|-3/5---0--3/5------0-| T T T T T P T T P P T T P T T P P T G-|--------------|--------|----------------------|--------------------| D-|----3---------|--------|-----5---------5--5---|-----5-------5--5---| A-|--------2/3\2/|3-------|----------------------|--------------------| E-|-3------------|--------|-3/5---0--3/5-------0-|-3/5---0-3/5------0-| T P T T P T T P P T T P T T P P T ↑ Back to top | Tablatures and chords for acoustic guitar and electric guitar, ukulele, drums are parodies/interpretations of the germinal songs.

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Naked In The Rain Bass Tab by Red Hot Chili Peppers (text version) | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm

Naked in the chronological sequence Red Hot Chili Peppers Tabbed by: Mags Bondoc This song is not to a fault difficult, but it isn't simplified either.

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Naked In The Rain by RHCP - Bass Tutorial and Cover - Josh Fossgreen

This low-pitched instructor mental faculty show you how to manoeuvre Naked In The Rain by the Red Hot chile Peppers from start to finish, with a free voice tab/transcription. This tune is important for beginning through advanced players, because the pipe riff is a pretty simple slap peruse to first with, but the vocaliser solo is more interlacing for progressive students. One occurrence I forgot to mention in the video is that also slapping genuinely hard, I in use the “Modern john rock Bass” preset in Garageband to get Flea’s tone (or enveloping to it).

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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Naked In The Rain Bass - AZ Chords

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