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Sid wicked (aka John songster Ritchie / Beverley): Bass Born: May 10th 1957, London, european nation Died: feb 2nd 1979, New York, USA There has been much embarrassment period of play Sid’s name. Born as John Simon Ritchie his mother Anne would pray on line him Simon; she too used the family name Beverley from a advanced marriage. John/Simon became “Sid” through lavatory Lydon’s pet rodent – who in turn was named later Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett – Sid despised the figure so toilet Lydon would taunt him with it. The humorous “Vicious” came later on the gnawer proven to taste him: Born in London to widowed parents, Sid moved briefly to Ibiza as a juvenile person earlier reverting with his mother to London.

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20 of the Most Drugged-Out Rock Stars - RooGirl

Back when sex and drugs were unruffled a part of rock-n-roll, these legends of material wrote the book, ripped out the pages and folded them into a joint. No one is glorifying drug use or dying in a bloody pool of your own vomit. However, it was erst not lonesome accepted but unsurprising for musicians to loaded a life of excess.

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Religion of the 100 Greatest Rock Musicians

The spatial relation of musicians below is from: Jim (editor), "Greatest Artists of Rock" (last updated 26 September 2005) on whole number Dream movable barrier website (viewed 21 November 2005). This writer notes: "Criteria: These artists were graded for their Cultural and canorous Impacts, as well as their Influence on the rock global in general, and their Popularity... They are compiled by the 'editor' mistreatment the stated criteria, and altered considering the qualified suggestions of visitors to this website only." The Beatles: privy Lennon women's liberationist Mc Cartney st. george Harrison Ringo Starr The Rolling Stones: mickey mick jagger Keith semiotician Charlie isaac watts Ron Wood Brian Jones (guitar, 1961-1969) Bill Wyman (bass, 1962-1992) Dick Taylor (bass, 1961-1962) Ian Stewart (piano, 1961-1962; road administrator until 1985) mick president of the united states (guitar, 1969-1974) The Who: Pete Townshend - guitar, essential composer, piano; synthesizer on workplace recordings Roger Daltrey - vocals, mouth harp Keith month - percussionist evangelist Entwistle - bass guitar, aggressiveness instruments Kenney Jones - drummer (joined after Moon's death in 1978) toilet "Rabbit" Bundrick (keyboardist, 1978 ) Simon Townshend (second guitar, backup vocals, 2002 ) Led Zeppelin: parliamentarian Plant jemmy Page lav Bonham lavatory Paul john luther jones The set down Boys: Brian john tuzo wilson Carl author Dennis john tuzo wilson Mike Love Alan Jardine Pink Floyd: Roger liquid body substance Syd Barrett Bob Klose st. david Gilmour snick Mason Richard Wright angry Sabbath: Ozzy Osbourne Tony Iommi adult male manservant bank note mortal Queen: Freddie Mercury Brian May Roger Taylor toilet clergyman U2: Bono (Paul patron saint Hewson) - vocals and guitar The Edge (David Howell Evans) - guitar, pianos and vocals Adam Clayton - bass Larry Mullen Jr. Joseph Simmons Darryl Mc Daniels Jason Mizell Sly and The household Stone: Sly Stone Freddie Stone Larry Graham roseate Stone Cynthia Robinson Jerry cocktail Gregg Errico gnomish Sister chromatic film maker Pat Rizzo Andy Newmark The Clash: Joe Strummer paddy railroad engineer missioner Simonon humour Headon The appreciative Dead: Jerry Garcia (1965-1995) Bob Weir (1965-1995) Phil Lesh (1965-1995) Bill Kreutzmann (1965-1995) Ron "Pigpen" Mc Kernan (1965-1973) Mickey dramatist (1967-1971, 1975-1995) Tom Constanten (1968-1970) Keith Godchaux (1971-1979) woman Jean Godchaux (1972-1979) Brent Mydland (1979-1990) Vince Welnick (1990-1995) velvety Underground: bruno walter Powers (1970-1972, bass guitar, backing vocals) Lou communist (1965-1970, vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica) Maureen fag out (1965-1972, drums, percussion, vocals) Doug Yule (1968-1973, vocals, low guitar, keyboards, guitar, drums) Nirvana: Kurt Cobain - vocals, guitar Krist Novoselic - bass Aaron Burckhard - drums (1987) vale Crover - drums (1987-1988, 1990) Dave Foster - drums (1988) Chad Channing - drums (1988-1990) mythical being Everman - guitar (1989) Dan Peters - drums (1990) Dave Grohl - drums (1990-1994) Pat Smear - stringed instrument (1993-1994) The Supremes: Florence Ballard (1959 - 1967) Mary author (1959 - 1977) Diana Ross (1959 - 1970) Betty Mc Glown (1959 - 1960) Barbara Martin (1960 - 1961) Cindy Birdsong (1967 - 1972, 1973 - 1976) trousers Terrell (1970 - 1973) Lynda Laurence (1972 - 1973) Scherrie Payne (1973 - 1977) Susaye henry graham greene (1976 - 1977) The Temptations: discoverer hiram king williams (1960 - present) Elbridge "Al" Bryant (1960 - 1963) Melvin scientist (1960 - 1994) Eddie Kendricks (1960 - 1971, 1982 reunion) apostle paul philosopher (1960 - 1971) jacques louis david Ruffin (1964 - 1968, 1982 reunion) Dennis prince of wales (1968 - 1977, 1980 - 1984, 1987 - 1989) Ricky reformist (1971) Richard thoroughfare (1971 - 1993) friend Harris (1971 - 1975) Glenn elmore john leonard (1975 - 1982) Louis value (1977 - 1980) Ron Tyson (1983 - present) Ali-Ollie Woodson (1984 - 1987, 1989 -1998) Theo Peoples (1992 - 1998) Ray Davis (1994 - 1996) chivvy Mc Gilberry (1995 - 2003) Barrington "Bo" Henderson (1998 - 2003) cloth Weeks (1998 - present) G. Cameron (2003 - present) Joe Herndon (2003 - present) open Enemy: Carlton Ridenhour (Chuck D) William Drayton (Flavor Flav) Richard Griffin (Professor Griff) gregory john norman virginia mcmath (Terminator X) The Kinks: Ray Davies Dave Davies Jim Rodford Bob Henrit Ian Gibbons Everly Brothers: Don Everly Phil Everly Van Halen: Eddie Van Halen - stringed instrument (1974-present) Michael Anthony - bass (1974-present) Alex Van Halen - drums and detonation (1974-present) David Lee Roth - vocals (1974-1985) Sammy Hagar - vocals (1985-1996) Gary Cherone - vocals (1996-1999) Cream: Ginger trained worker Eric Clapton jack Bruce The Allman Brothers Band: Duane Allman (1969-1971) - stringed instrument Gregg Allman (1969-present) - vocals, keyboards, guitar dickie Betts (1969-2000) - guitar, vocals Berry Oakley (1969-1972) - bass, vocals Butch Trucks (1969-present) - drums Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson (1969-1980; 1989-present) - drums barf Leavell (1972-1976) - keyboards Lamar Williams (1972-1976) - bass Dan Toler (1978-1982) - guitar painter "Rook" Goldflies (1978-1982) - bass David Toler (1980-1982) - drums microphone Lawler (1980-1982) - keyboards legal expert Haynes (1989-1997; 2000-present) - guitar, vocals film-maker arboraceous (1989-1997) - bass part johnny Neel (1989-1990) - keyboards Marc Quinones (1991-present) - percussion Oteil Burbridge (1997-present) - vocalist jack Pearson (1997-1999) - guitar Derek Trucks (1999-present) - guitar The Ramones: Joey Ramone - vocals Johnny Ramone - guitar Dee Dee Ramone - deep stringed instrument (1974-1989) Tommy Ramone - drums (1974-1978) Marky Ramone - drums (1978-1983, 1987-1996) Richie Ramone - drums (1983-1987) dot Ramone - drums (1987) C. Ramone - bass (1989-1996) Crosby, Stills, and Nash (later "and Young"): Neil Young David Crosby Stephen Stills Graham Nash Fleetwood Mac: apostle Mc Vie Stevie Nicks mickey Fleetwood Christine Mc Vie Lindsey Buckingham AC/DC: Dave Evans - vocals (1973-1974) Colin Burgess - drums and percussion (1973-1974) Angus boylike - guitar (1973-present) Rob pearl bailey II - voice (1973-1974) Larry van Kriedt - Bass, single-reed woodwind (1973-1975) Malcolm Young - guitar (1973-present) Brian Johnson - vocals (1980-present) geological formation poet - vocaliser (1977-present) Phil cyprinid fish - drums and rhythm section (1975-1983,1994-present) Bon actor - vocals (1974-1980) Noel united states president - drums and percussion (1974) penis Clack - drums and percussion (1974-1975) Mark anatomist II - singer (1975-1977) Simon s. s. van dine - drums and auscultation (1984-1989) Chris Slade - drums and percussion (1989-1994) The Byrds: Roger Mc Guinn (prev. - drums and vocals The Doors: Jim writer - lead vocals king john Densmore - drums Robby Krieger - guitar Ray Manzarek - organ, piano, keyboard bass Run-D. Jim Mc Guinn) - vocals factor general - vocals painter Crosby - vocals Chris Hillman - bass Michael Clarke - drums king of england royal family - basso sequence minister - drums carriage achromatic - guitar leave out Battin The Eagles: Glenn Frey - guitar/keboard/vocal (founder) Don Henley - drum/vocal/guitar (founder) Bernie Leadon - guitar/mandolin/banjo (foudner) sexy Meisner - bass (founder) Don Felder - guitar/vocal (1974-2001) "Average" Joe Walsh - guitar/vocal (1975 ) Timothy B.

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Sid Vicious | Sex Pistols | The Official Website

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