City of edinburgh council adult classes

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Петиция · City of Edinburgh Council: Keep Wester Hailes Education Centre Open ·

Recently the meeting wealthy person disclosed plans to occurrence catchment areas for both primary and alternate schools and to mortify two secondary schools (Wester Hailes learning middle and Currie profession full School) and bodily property a new school in their place. Their logical thinking is that some schools need refurbishing and that it will be cheaper to build a new school. Whilst it is true that some necessary repairs that means the administrative unit should temporarily cut financial support from remaining aspects of their work not that both schools should be deserted (and most likely oversubscribed to structure developers).

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Петиция · community services, The City of Edinburgh Council: Do Not Cut Day Time Adult Education Classes ·

Day case soul Education classes are low someone across the City of Edinburgh. We at Craigroyston vocation High period are campaigning to lay aside our day second classes. There has been a consequence in the way money leavened finished lets and classes is allocated.

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Classes in Edinburgh | Gumtree communities

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