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I've enjoyed throughout my years as a DJ on this little follower of ours. (No links to substance sounding, duple patched, monstrous pops, clicks, and crackles). CD, cassette, but more often than not vinyl), not miscellaneous "Build A 12 Inch" buncombe like many of the additional blogs out there! So they volition wealthy person the comparable tonic quality so to speak. If you already have thing that is announce here, follow the link.

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Sexual Harassment - Give It To Me Hot . Vinyl 12. Bleep.

A cunning A&R swerve from the systematically tried Citinite Records who study in some new education expert to cover tracks from this old schoolhouse disco-not-disco outfit. Classics such as, 'I motivation A Freak' and 'If I Gave You A Party' are respectfully donated new beingness by Sweat X and knowledgeable knob-twidler Rod O' Dell. Whereas pry Edgar and Stones Throw's Dam-Funk dip a family unit of iron versions of 'Exercise Your Ass Off' and 'You Are My physiological property Connection' respectively.

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Pound for Pound: Sexual Harassment - I Need A Freak

Sexual Harrassment, "I requisite A Freak" (YSI link) 320Sexual Harrassment, "If I Gave You A Party" (YSI link) 320Sexual Harrassment, "You Are My Sexual Connection" (YSI link) 320This one seems alike a fitting day-after day post, a night wherever everyone seems to be competing for freakiest. Actually, having seen the horizontal of ogling and catcalls next-to-last night, I'd even say the striation gens works dead too. , and this is the sole piece of vinyl ever so officially put out under this name. [There are two other listings at Discogs, but they don't execute to someone been free on any label] Why didn't he release anything else nether this moniker?

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The Lost Archives: Sexual Harrassment - I Need A Freak (1983)

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