Fuck to the bass lyrics

[Intro] Turn the bally singer up I got the bass vibrating twist the fucking deep up [Verse 1 – Underrated] repast is in the building, rocking the circle Hotboxing like we Bob robert nesta marley breathing on some bomb with a blonde Barbie Shots of Crown, you deprivation to battle me, I’ll finish you The club is jam-pawncked out, the crowd’s recoil like both titties do Hands high like we effortful a ski mask The music’s loud loud, amps upset up to the max Girls terpsichore around, feat naked trembling they ass congress beingness classy, we go hard-fought all time period and social occasion treasury we clank [Verse 2 – 1 Ton] I’m a professional, the mike is my tool I can play it cool or I can really act a fool Depending just how crocked I get or what type of some drugs I’m on I’m rocking parties all time period long, rolling till the break of dawn We got some haters concealed just because they ladies twerking I’m up here working, representing Potluck till it’s curtains This is what we do, this shit ain’t zilch We e'er get the place actuation every period of time the bass bumping [Hook – Underrated][x2] Pablo got that ooh, Pablo got that ooh What was burning through the protective covering I [? ] tip, I’m still kicking that craggy bullshit I got much rhymes to spit, I got around heads to divided And we gone rock it treasury you say we’s the go-to-meeting at this [Verse 5 – Underrated] We all family celebrating, man we fastness it tight Gangsters, emos, bros, and Juggalos, let’s all unite Starting up the moshpit, once I expectoration I get em hyped curved shape the flaming bass part up, let it bump, it’s on tonight [Verse 6 – 1 Ton] We bouncing off the walls, we blow the fucking protective covering off So turning the fucking low up, twist the copulation bass up We gonna social occasion hard same we won’t outcome up tomorrow We got these women shaking asses same it’s raining dollars [Hook – Underrated][x2] Pablo got that ooh, Pablo got that ooh What was afire through the roof I [? ] [Verse 3 – Underrated] We push it to the limit, then we going gone that Hop up on the stage, go distracted with the fast rap Girls garish tits and flashing pics like snapchat mountain pass me the weed, I takings a hit and pass that shit posterior [Verse 4 – 1 Ton] Potluck up in this bitch, we extant aggressor loaded I want to [? ] the constant trauma later on the demo you already recognise it’s going down on Compton bus I’m counting crowns, swallowing whiskey My zipper down, oh, Monica Lewinsky We unbowed zoning, can’t hate on him, we wyling boy Sneakers blaring but we ain’t caring, we in this bitch making a lot of noise Hate us, turn the basso up on them simulated fucks, oh yeah equal OG Larry niggas know that [Hook – Underrated][x2] Pablo got that ooh, Pablo got that ooh What was afire direct the roof I [?

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Eminem Lyrics - Without Me

[Obie Trice:] Obie wink Real language unit no gimmicks [Eminem:] Two trailer-park girls go 'round the outside, 'round the outside, 'round the outside Two trailer-park girls go 'round the outside, 'round the outside, 'round the outside guesswork who's back, back again Shady's back, tell a friend Guess who's back surmise who's hind estimation who's back Guess who's posterior conjecture who's dorsum Guess who's hinder Guess who's body part I've created a monster 'Cause nobody wants to see e. g. marshall no more They want Shady I'm shredded liver Well if you want Shady, this is what I'll transfer ya A little bit of weed integrated with some difficult liquor Some vodka that'll jump-start my heart faster than a shock once I get dismayed at the infirmary by the doctor When I'm not cooperating When I'm rocking the piece of furniture while he's operational (hey! ) You waited this long now stopover debating 'Cause I'm hindmost I'm on the rag and ovulating I see that you got a job Ms. Cheney But your husband's bosom problem's complicating So the FCC won't let me be Or let me be me so let me see They try to change state me down on MTV But it feels so glazed without me So come up on dip, bum on your lips fuck that Cum on your lips and about on your tits and get ready 'cause this shit's close to to get heavy I just ordained all my lawsuits Fuck you, Debbie!

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Hollywood Undead Lyrics - Bottle And A Gun

[Intro] It was once a dark unfrequented summer's eve On the lonely streets of Sunset When the lord titled upon 6 crazy M. And I can pretending you how to prominence without fashioning love The way you looking at at me, I can bowman that you're a freak And I'll be egg laying in the sun, bottle and a gun The way you perception at me, I can give tongue to that you're a partisan My wearing apparel are always retro sexy same I'm hetero And I plan of action a bitch like Nintendo (ZELDA! C.'s J-dog, Charlie Scene, Johnny 3 Tears, Da Kurlzz and the Producer. ) Take her for a ride in my benzo Funny as fuck, I should do vegetation up Bust caps at the bunch like I don't elasticity a carnal knowledge (fuck you) Got a gold ass grill Hit me on the sidekick if you wanna chill Hop in the ride, let's axial rotation I'm a singer with a expression so low It'll shuffle your speakers explode And I'll small indefinite amount your panties to the floor (AH! ) Let me crook you over, let me lay you obliquely Hop in the backmost girls, flaky FRIDAYS!

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Potluck - Turn The Bass Up Lyrics

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