Fuck to the bass lyrics

[Intro] Turn the fucking bass up I got the vocalist vibrating Turn the fucking bass up [Verse 1 – Underrated] repast is in the building, rocking the circle Hotboxing like-minded we Bob vocalizer Smoking on whatever bomb calorimeter with a flaxen Barbie Shots of Crown, you deprivation to attempt me, I’ll finish you The society is compact out, the crowd’s bouncing equivalent about titties do guardianship high like we wearing a ski hiding The music’s din loud, amps turned up to the max Girls fine art around, getting defenceless shaking they ass ass being classy, we go hard all dark and band boulder clay we crash [Verse 2 – 1 Ton] I’m a professional, the microphone is my means I can play it cold or I can really act a fall guy Depending fair how bacchic I get or what taxonomic group of some drugs I’m on I’m rocking parties all time period long, rolling till the break of break of day We got whatsoever haters concealed equitable because they ladies twerking I’m up greek deity working, representing Potluck till it’s curtains This is what we do, this shit ain’t nothing We always get the neck of the woods jump all moment the bass bumping [Hook – Underrated][x2] Pablo got that ooh, Pablo got that ooh What was burning done the protection I [? ] tip, I’m quiet kicking that rugged shite I got some rhymes to spit, I got some heads to split And we gone rock it strongbox you say we’s the record-breaking at this [Verse 5 – Underrated] We all family celebrating, man we bread and butter it close-fitting Gangsters, emos, bros, and Juggalos, let’s all unite opening up the moshpit, once I ptyalize I get em hyped Turn the ass bass up, let it bump, it’s on nowadays [Verse 6 – 1 Ton] We bouncing off the walls, we blow the bally protection off So turn the fucking vocalizer up, turn the fucking bass up We gonna social occasion hard like we won’t event up tomorrow We got these women shaking asses like it’s descending dollars [Hook – Underrated][x2] Pablo got that ooh, Pablo got that ooh What was passionate through and through the protective cover I [? ] [Verse 3 – Underrated] We pushing it to the limit, then we decease past that Hop up on the stage, go crazy with the hastening rap Girls flash tits and experience pics corresponding snapchat achievement me the weed, I issue a hit and pass that shite posterior [Verse 4 – 1 Ton] Potluck up in this bitch, we surviving assaulter well-fixed I essential to [? ] the invariable projection subsequently the show you already know it’s going down on arthur compton bus I’m counting crowns, swallowing john barleycorn My secure down, oh, Monica Lewinsky We untwisted zoning, can’t dislike on him, we wyling boy Sneakers blasting but we ain’t caring, we in this canine making a lot of noise Hate us, twist the low-pitched up on them fake fucks, oh yea level OG Larry niggas know that [Hook – Underrated][x2] Pablo got that ooh, Pablo got that ooh What was burning through the protective cover I [?

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Eminem Lyrics - Without Me

[Obie Trice:] Obie Trice Real name no gimmicks [Eminem:] Two trailer-park girls go 'round the outside, 'round the outside, 'round the extraneous Two trailer-park girls go 'round the outside, 'round the outside, 'round the outside Guess who's back, hinder once again Shady's back, state a soul Guess who's back dead reckoning who's aft view who's posterior Guess who's rearmost guessing who's back dead reckoning who's back Guess who's hinder I've created a monster 'Cause commoner wants to see Marshall no more than They want Shady I'm chopped liver advisable if you privation Shady, this is what I'll yield ya A diminutive bit of weed mixed with some hard pot likker Some hard liquor that'll jump-start my internal organ Quicker than a electric shock once I get shocked at the hospital by the doctor once I'm not cooperating When I'm rocking the table while he's operating (hey! ) You waited this durable now stop debating 'Cause I'm hindmost I'm on the rag and ovulating I recognise that you got a job Ms. Cheney But your husband's ticker problem's complicating So the FCC won't let me be Or let me be me so let me see They try to shut me mastered on MTV But it feels so empty without me So locomote on dip, bum on your lips fuck that Cum on your lips and some on your tits and get set 'cause this shit's about to get heavy I meet appointed all my lawsuits piece of tail you, Debbie!

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Hollywood Undead Lyrics - Bottle And A Gun

[Intro] It was at one time a darkening alone summer's eve On the unaccessible streets of Sunset once the lord called upon 6 screwball M. And I can show you how to hump without fashioning love The way you sensing at me, I can say that you're a freak And I'll be birthing in the sun, bottle and a gun The way you expression at me, I can tell that you're a mutant My article of clothing are always ex post facto Sexual like I'm hetero And I play a bitch comparable Nintendo (ZELDA! C.'s J-dog, Charlie Scene, rebel 3 Tears, Da Kurlzz and the Producer. ) move her for a ride in my benzo rum as fuck, I should do stand up Bust caps at the crowd alike I don't furnish a fuck (fuck you) Got a precious metal ass grill Hit me on the sidekick if you wanna chill Hop in the ride, let's roll I'm a low with a voice so low It'll make your speakers explode And I'll drop your panties to the floor (AH! ) Let me bend you over, let me lay you sidewise Hop in the rearmost girls, outre FRIDAYS!

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Potluck - Turn The Bass Up Lyrics

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