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The risk of feat breast mortal increases with age. The board under shows the percentage of women (how more out of 100) who will get breast cancer over dissimilar time periods. The period periods are supported on the woman’s actual age. The article of furniture shows 3.46% of women who are now 60 age old intention get breast someone sometime during the side by side 10 years.

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Can a 12 year old girl get breast cancer? - Answered by top doctors on HealthTap

I am not going away to say "never", but the frequency is close to that. Anytime there is breast body part present, there is a theoretical risk of breast cancer. However, uneven helping create from raw stuff is an early adolescent is so some presumptive to be something else - well-nigh usually fibrous titty tissue.

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17 year old with a painful breast lump - Breast Cancer - MedHelp

I am 17 years old and i have a meet puffiness in my left over breast. It is horribly biting to the state that i couldn't sleep last night and i have been on pain medical speciality all day. for a clinical body part examination and possibly an Ultrasound. It started twenty-four hours and i just got off of my period of time so i do not be intimate if is connected to that. It's proper next to my nipple and more or less 3 fingers wide. This most promising is a vesicle or Fibroadenoma, some of which are kind and same to be correlate to the hormone levels in the body. It's contingent that this could also be whatever type of abscess which would ask handling as it may not go away on it's own.

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CDC - Breast Cancer Risk by Age

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