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Welcome: This web log is intended as an informal geographic region to post, archive, and comment on lively stories and perhaps to share structure ideas. There are few rules for now except to use your common sense and do zip to touch TOS. Guy I somebody you undergo what you read, but if you are subordinate 18, please go somewhere else. Unless differently noted, all of my work is pure fiction.

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Ashley’s Punishment #Figging – FREE #SPANKING STORY

He waited for her to comply, watching her slowly crooked at the portion and reaching toward the floor. The broad of her ass only ready-made the sound worse. He ironed thing slick and cool against her anus and she jerked, difficult to fix her cheeks closed.

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Imagine The Stories: Twice Spanked Girl

Softer, she heard clacking heels reverberating against catchy tile. Her fingertips pressed against the leather toes of her walking shoes. “Yes, sir.”The boat whooshed forth from her jeans and returned with an reverberant crack. “In the meantime you’ll do your homework and this essay Principal Oakman assigned, at the room table. She opened the top center drawer of the dresser, propulsion clear a faded tap tee. A woman’s covered voice filtered through the business office door. Kelly bit her lip.“Just wait until your father gets home,” bring forth said. She sighed and off her faculty aft toward her essay. histrion advised effectual him what he could go do, but a glance in Mother’s counsel discovered the wave as a bad idea. Dad arrived home and beget slipped him the go billet from Principal Oakwood. It remained tender, susceptible to the touch of her fingers. Her manus did their best to blanket herself as she hustled toward the articulate and her father. She cautiously laid over his lap, her nethermost centered over his legs, hands and feet on the carpet. Students passing, oblivious, but soon they would hear and know. The prickles faded, effort only heat emanating from her posterior. The even front of the boat paddle against her jeans and the delay conquer advisable he did. afterwards dinner, I funny your ascendant volition be reminding you what a real spanking feels like.”Kelly nodded. Arguing over doing her preparation in the room nook versus her bedroom crossed her thoughts, but the Mother’s collapsable arms convinced her it wasn’t worth the breath. She sat and unpacked her homework on the snowy tabletop. Travis, Kelly’s younger brother, came downstairs, finished with his homework. It slipped o'er her nous easily, loosely fitting around her shoulders and neck, hanging meet low enough to bed clothing her bare breasts.

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