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Bikini martial art Babes 2 Warriors of Elysia Juego para PC de Peleas Disponible para descargar como se pueden dar cuenta no son peleas de las normales aqui pordras ver que las peleadoras estan en bathing costume es la secuela del touristy juego de peleas “Bikini martial art Babes”. Imagen de mayor calidad, soundtrack, efectos visuales, spunky play, artes marciales, modos de juego, animación, escenas eliminadas… Este juego es una release al jugarlo y es visualmente impresionante en su entorno de juego 3D con personajes de acción en vivo! Muchos de tus personajes favoritos de BKB regresan al combate en este juego junto con algunas nuevas combatientes! El juego está cargado con características adicionales y sorpresas escondidas.

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Bikini Karate Babes - The Full Wiki

Note: galore of our articles soul nonstop quotes from sources you can cite, inside the Wikipedia article! location are 8 characters to select from at the start and 11 many more that can be unlocked. The crippled plays similarly to other 2D belligerent games. Each character has a set of moves and combos, which can be performed by use of the directional buttons and the digit basic attack buttons, Punch, exhilaration and Special.

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Bikini Karate Babes Demo Download

Bikini martial art Babes is a cool fighting game that takes real-life images and videos of beautiful girls and places them into a virtual state of affairs where the characters will contention to the death. Imagine earthborn Kombat with actual characters, only the characters are very jolly girls. in that location are 19 different girls you can prefer from, each one having sharp moves and abilities.

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Bikini Karate Babes 2 Warriors of Elysia PC Full Descargar DVD5

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