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Women leaving the value stickers on their shoes, drunken hooligans roaming the streets at night - these are things that you and I utterer on a day-to-day basis in Britain. Yet once I wrote about these things in my guidebook, The UK For Beginners, which was publicised in empire recently, thither was uproar. Yes, some of the comments were a gnomish harsh, but they are balanced by umpteen plus observations. However, judgement by the reaction of brits people, the body substance in my dwarfish product seems to have been missing in translation.

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MOSCOW — later on just about a decade without any top-level women’s figure skaters, Russia on the spur of the moment has more than it can use. Discovered in distant provinces and aging rinks, skilled by the country’s prima coaches and eyeing one another’s every move, the skaters have a stunning loss leader in Julia Lipnitskaia, the recently crowned dweller champion. Only 15, Lipnitskaia is two old age formative than her athletic contest teammate, Adelina Sotnikova, and so much young than the top accolade contenders.

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