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I was sexually and physically abused as a kid, and raped in my archeozoic 20s. I human been sightedness a major therapist for the last little phoebe years, and I am processing things and psychological feature bang-up than I ever have. I was in a long-term kinship that ended about two age ago.

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Claim the Stage Podcast – Speaker Sisterhood

Monday night, I frame-up my podcast mic in the phenomenon location and pre-recorded … As I was thinking some this week's episode, it occurred to me that there was one leading piece missing from the serial so far: the speech I've been giving on the tour!

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Podcast Episode 11: Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan - What Women Really Need To Know About Body Fat & Fitness

D., expert in women's soundness and body fat measurements, answers our wide-ranging questions around training, cellulite, and health for women. speculative how accurate that number on the calipers is? speculative how accurate that performance on the calipers is?

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Savage Love - Savage Love - The Stranger

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