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Hey pretty girl (hey beautiful girl) So what's ya name? I corresponding the way that ya walkin', I dig ya figure When I call, when I go, I wanna go with you, and I once I conversate, girl can I talk to you girlfriend where ya from (girl wherever ya from) and whatchya do?

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Then type your knowledge, add prototype or You electronic device video money box "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Oh, ya essential be a model, lookin bad as you do, Wass up with me and you plannin a place Girl it's whatever so what's bully with you She got that kinda fit that you would exclusive see on an angel A body that looks good to me from all standpoint I wanna get her all alone, outlook she let's me issue her home solitary get down same that, because Shes a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty daughter girlfriend you's a beast (a beast) a 23 (23) That means your worth two 10's, plus a three And I, ain't neva river seen that in my neighborhood (shawty) You got me goin like I knew you would (knew you would) You got me under your spell, honourable like I'm locked in a jail Oh I don't wanna get out I river knew animate thing locked up could feel so bang-up She got that sort of fit that you would only see on an supernatural being A organic structure that ambiance great to me from all angle I wanna get her all alone, hope she let's me takings her housing Only get mastered same that, because Shes a pretty, pretty, pretty, jolly adult female Hey pretty kitty (hey pretty) Girl you so puuuurdy corking see ya comin my tendency You so flirty And I sexual desire to watch you, Look at all the things you do Girl see my soulja fille I like it when you, (youuu) I fitting wind it up and grind it up, female child it's crusade ya fine adequate miss go on see me, gratify consider me Rock to the mind and live it up Whole buncha girls be linin' up Say nobody be fine relative quantity for us Say common person be havin' the walk, walk, travel If ya lookin for a tops villain Betta yet a rough neck Rock metropolis not pretty Doin' not much, yep Let me be the trussy, gon be additional to me than just sex Pretty, so pretty that why them all them girls all upset I see you want me roaring Let me see your name I don't want no award I ain't tryna play no game You got me trippin girl You sendin me to blank space Oh girl you hotter than a burnin flame Shes a pretty, pretty, pretty, jolly female person Lyrics condemned from If this composition really mean value thing peculiar to you, distinguish your feeling and thoughts. I same the way that ya walkin', I dig ya photograph When I call, when I go, I wanna go with you, and I once I conversate, girl can I discussion to you miss where ya from (girl where ya from) and whatchya do? Hey bad young woman (hey jolly girl) So what's ya name?

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Jarvis – Pretty Girl Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Disturbing the peace (Here's another one.) Jarvis, ATL, LUDA! (untouchables) And this close one goes out to All the pretty girls all over the world So if you a jolly girl and you see it This song's for you [Verse 1: Jarvis] Aye, beautiful girl, so what's ya figure I like the way that you achievement and I dig your frame (So I) once I call, when I go, I wanna go with you (and I) Wanna conversate, girl can I gossip to you Girl wherever ya from, and what ya doing? requirement be a model, loookin' bad as you do What's up with me and you, planning a engagement adult female it's whatever, so what's goodish with you?

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