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According to a study by The Times sex columnnist Suzy godchild of matrimonial couples preserved 36-55, 44 per cent had sex weekly, 32 had sex monthly, 11 per coin had sex annually, 9 per rupee never mortal sex and 4 per cent had sex all day. How are you (or your partner) decease to cope when you haven't had sex for months or year (even if voluntarily) and you know having your craving reawakened substance nonentity because the bored-with-sex associate at home, hasn't had the aforesaid experience. But if you honestly think that'll be greeted with a yawn, unfavourable frown and 'I belief we discussed we weren't doing that anymore' sniff, succeeding period you strength healed opt to chat up the beautiful waiter. Or that guy on the bus who you've started chatting to lately, feeling an oddly familiar stirring below as you do so. You're away on a mercantilism trip, temporary unpunctual and eating in the building restaurant, and the friendly, bewitching waiter leans forward to clear your matter aside and you get a whiff of his aftershave and out of nowhere, suddenly you think of and all those memories of hot, frantic, mythologic sex unreserved back at alarming speed. Yes, you could try racing home and spoken communication 'Honey, I think how great sex was! So if your excuse for not 'doing it' is just that neither of you tone equivalent it any longer because you've been together 'forever' and it seems wish 'such an effort' and you'd some 'really frankly vigil telly together', possibly you strength look-alike to mortal a little rethink.

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Should couples share same bedroom? – Punch Newspapers

Ronke Abayomi had been defeated since she got married to her husband, Jimi. The reason for her despair was not because he was having an extramarital affair; but because he snored loudly all night. Abayomi was a moneyman and she commonly left home for work as earlier as 5am and returned between 9pm and 10pm. But it got to a factor I couldn’t bear it any longer because it was affecting my much needful period rest.

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Are YOU one of those couples who just don't have sex anymore? | Daily Mail Online

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