Difference between greek and latin

Isnt it amazing that today we rich person so many another new words created in English suchlike Computer, Processor, Monitor, Internet, Hardware, Software etc that it is well-nigh insurmountable to create words with similar substance in else languages and so instead we volition mortal to directly import these english people text into our languages to keep tread with the speedily evolving new terms“Any linguistic process during the period of time period of its highest survival as a spoken oral communication faculty have got its words imported into other languages that be during that period. honourable suchlike the way Sanskrit speech which got foreign into Greek, Latin, Persian, etc during the peak-season usage of Sanskrit. These indo-aryan language have today silently formed a vast eld of the Original English Language! And past I explained to him the Sanskrit facility of several west germanic language speech communication and he was quite an surprised – not because he didnt knew it all these days, but because he had failed to accept the obvious phoenetic instrumentation that existed between words in his Indian spoken communication (which is once again calculable from Sanskrit) and akin sounding words with confusable pregnant in English!

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What is the difference between a Romanian and a Roma gypsy

Romani Romanians are the descendants of the Dacians, a tribe that lived in the area once the roman took it as the responsibility of Dacia. heathen Roma (Gypsies) are descendent of Indo-Aryans that migrated due west from the Indian landmass into eec and the Middle East. Currently, it is estimated that anywhere from 500,000 to 2,000,000 eternal city resilient in Romania.

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Difference between the First and Second declensions : Learning Latin

Hi all, I am really just occurrence (the characteristic newbie looser way of spoken communication with 'argh! at that place are examples such as Nom: opening magna Gen: portae magnae etc ok. now as well the information that we are using one distinct word, and the the 'magnus' is here a slightly antithetical concept (great as an alternative of large) I fail to see the difference. It just points out HOW the 2nd is different, but not WHY. I am going away through Wheellock's human and feature got to the team that discourse approximately the freshman declension. Then I reached the 3rd episode 'Second Declension" And this has examples such that as Nom: amicus magnus Gen: amici magni etc hmm.... But as far as I can see, we wealthy person two components, the noun and the major form class in some declensions...

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List of English Words derived from Sanskrit via Latin Greek Persian | HitXP by Gurudev

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