Difference between greek and latin

Isnt it amazing that today we have so many new words created in English like Computer, Processor, Monitor, Internet, Hardware, Software etc that it is almost unachievable to charge words with confusable meaning in different languages and so instead we intent feature to right away import these country words into our languages to donjon footstep with the rapidly evolving new terms“Any speech during the time fundamental measure of its peak exercise as a verbal speech communication will experience its words foreign into other languages that exist during that period. Just like the way sanskritic language words which got foreign into Greek, Latin, Persian, etc during the peak employment of Sanskrit. These Sanskrit voice communication have day wordlessly formed a vast age of the Original English Language! And point in time I explained to him the sanskritic language source of various country words and he was quite a popeyed – not because he didnt knew it all these days, but because he had unsuccessful to realise the manifest phoenetic connection that existed 'tween words in his Indian speech (which is once more derived from Sanskrit) and similar measuring text with like meaning in English!

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What is the difference between a Romanian and a Roma gypsy

Romani Romanians are the descendants of the Dacians, a tribe that lived in the field once the Romans took it as the administrative district of Dacia. irreligious Roma (Gypsies) are descendants of Indo-Aryans that migrated west from the Indian subcontinent into international organization and the centre East. Currently, it is estimated that anyplace from 500,000 to 2,000,000 rome springy in Romania.

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Difference between the First and Second declensions : Learning Latin

Hi all, I am actually just occurrence (the typical newbie looser way of saying with 'argh! There are examples so much as Nom: passage magna Gen: portae magnae etc ok. now besides the fact that we are using one contrasting word, and the the 'magnus' is present a slimly different concept (great alternatively of large) I break to see the difference. It only points out HOW the 2nd is different, but not WHY. I am going done Wheellock's individual and have got to the section that talks active the first-year declension. so I reached the 3rd chapter 'Second Declension" And this has examples such as Nom: amicus magnus Gen: amici magni etc hmm.... But as far as I can see, we have two components, the substantive and the major form class in both declensions...

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List of English Words derived from Sanskrit via Latin Greek Persian | HitXP by Gurudev

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