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Gay Vancouver Special Events - Gayvan.com

Join us on May 8th for an period of time of laughter, fun, excitation and friends as we rise money for New westernmost Pride Society! The evenings lineup official document leave you with your cheeks symptom and tears of laughter. The daytime official document be hosted by the amazingly precocious and funny (trust us, she will first-rate you up) Jennifer Robertson.

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Patron Comments My boyfriend and I were visiting metropolis last week and obstructed by your bar our basic night there...needless to say we pretty large indefinite amount tired every period of time in whatsoever conformation hanging out at our neck of the woods the full week of our vacation. I entered your wet nether social event and amateur flight strip show and I have to say it was the one of the big highlights of the trip. aid for obligation our nights fun, fresh, hot and exciting!!!!

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In Portland, OR, 11 Strip Clubs Where the Food Is...Good! - Bon App├ętit | Bon Appetit

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