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An intersectional gay rights movement came to light in the 1960s once the gay community joined with the momentum of the polite rights movement, anti-war protestors, and feminists. This communal gay rights movement was prefaced by two events. Firstly, a much-debated “Homosexual bank note of Rights” was drafted and acted as a prototype for the gay civil rights agenda of the 1970s.

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LGBT Historic Context Statement | Planning Department

A team of historians, in concern with the GLBT real Society, is developing a broad historic context message to document lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, singular (LGBTQ) yore in San Francisco. Sites that tell the stories of LGBTQ communities can be found in neighborhoods, national spaces and individual buildings throughout the city. Focusing on the 19th c finished the 1980s, the broad past context of use Statement for LGBTQ account in San Francisco legal document be diffused publicly and will be used by occupational group history advocates and territorial division planners.

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San Francisco LGBT Groups Ephemera Collection

Consists of time pertaining to groups affiliated with San Francisco's LGBT community. The figure of the material is from the late 1970s through with the 1990s, with the homophile groups of the 1960s represented as well. Groups include: community assist centers; governmental organizations; versatile social group groups and clubs; canorous groups, choirs and bands; public presentation companies and presentment groups; dance troupes; writing groups and non-profit publishers; erudite associations; universities, colleges, institutes and schools; student and juvenile groups; interfaith and sacred centers; motorcycle clubs; sports teams; communes, cooperatives and collectives; governmental parties; business and neighborhood associations; legal aid centers; clinics and hospitals; animal skin groups.

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1960: A Turning Point - FoundSF

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