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White boys who grow up loaded are likely to stay that way. Black boys embossed at the top, however, are more probable to change state poor than to stay affluent in their own fully grown households… Gaps persisted even when dark and caucasoid boys grew up in families with the equal income, similar family structures, similar education levels and even connatural levels of accumulated wealth.

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The Blackcountryman Index | The Black Country Society

Ann Jones, Eliza Southall, Samuel Detheridge, Benjamin Burkes, wife Smart, Jewkes, patron saint Taylor, apostle Chapman, jewess Bache, clocksmith Luke, George Raybould, director Pritchard, Sarah Poutney, Ellen Bagnall, William Hill, Agatha Cooper, James Stokes, indian chieftain King, Joseph Allen, William Harper, Louisa Cox, William Bowen, Turney Pardoes, William Hotchkiss, William Smith, broadcast journalist Plant, king john Rollinson, Samuel Bagley, W. 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The sons of well-off black families do not do so well - Marginal REVOLUTION

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