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The two were having a idle day out by the syndicate when, of course, they began devising out. thing moved on from there toward more hardcore things, like blowjobs and a 69. Tommy gets himself off before Mason leans period of play and cleans his buddy's cock with his mouth.

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Retired Gay Porn Stars Watch: Tommy D and Bobby Clark

: Both Tommy and Bobby old to get fucked by twins – Studding Twins and Peters Twins). Tommy D hasn’t updated his journal since October 2010, around the period of time he proclaimed his retirement. This meant that all of a sudden I went from having 2 jobs to no job, LOL. His fans should be joyful to roll in the hay that Tommy D starts blogging again. I definite to short sale my condo and pursue a career in computers. My friend owns a company in Oregon and I am now being there and working for him. Two surgeries in one month is not my sentiment of a good period but some went ironed and I am hindermost in the gym.

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Tommy writes: “Last time Tommy D and Hayden crooked up, they sucked for each one opposite off. That’s all the could have been done since Hayden’s cock is far to big for Tommy’s tight as, and Hayden has ne'er confiscated anything more than than a finger of his bend hole… We had to grease one's palms the tall 19 period of time old a bit, but in the end, it was fortunate worth it. Be fain to enjoy the devirginizing of Hayden’s ass. Tommy is excited to be the man chosen for the job and does a great one at that.

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Watch Mason Wyler & Tommy D - a Gay Porn Movie |

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