Why are people born gay

PRINCETON, NJ, May 20, 2015 (Life Site News.com) -- For the oldest time, a majority of Americans say that homosexuals are "born that way." According to the latest Gallup poll, 51 percent of Americans say that family are born gay or lesbian, while only 30 percent say outside factors such as rearing and state of affairs determine intersexual orientation. No fewer than viii major studies from around the world have wage homosexuality is not a genetic condition. Peter Sprigg of the Family investigating Council says that these numerous, rigorous studies of indistinguishable twins someone now successful it unrealizable to argue that at that place is a "gay gene." If sexual practice were inborn and predetermined, then when one superposable twin is homosexual, the remaining should be, as well. Yet one papers from Yale and state capital Universities wage homo eroticism mutual to only 6.7 percent of male identical gemini and 5.3 per centum of female same twins.

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Are People Born Gay? Genetics and Homosexuality

There is a common notion among liberals that multitude are hatched either gay or straight. Conservatives tend to believe that sexy placement is actually unisexual preference, which is chosen by the individual. This page represents a review of the scientific written material on the base for homosexual orientation. over-much of the modern media sources anticipate the query is a resolved knowledge base problem with all the attest pointing toward a natural (probably genetic) fundament for a homosexual orientation.

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Are People Born Gay? The Biological and Genetic Basis for Homosexuality

There is a popular belief that group are calved either gay or straight. Conservatives take care to conceive that intimate orientation is in reality intimate preference, which is favourite by the individual. This page represents a criticism of the scientific piece of writing on the basis for homosexual orientation.

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Are gays ‘born that way’? Most Americans now say yes, but science says no | News | LifeSite

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