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Though the Gay 90's was a target of partisanship and harassment, it was as well a living occasion of kinship group ties, of close friendships, and of intense camaraderie, small indefinite quantity to take gay rights from out to mainstream. Robert Parker, general manager: The Gay 90's was called the Casablanca back in the '40s. And it was device in spawning an comprehendible and acceptive international organization of broad-minded people. It was a cartoon strip gild that had notable strippers on the stage behind the bar. The place was renamed the Gay 90's in the '60s — this was in front the vernacular upshot in the word "gay" and earlier the bar was a gay bar.

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By Eleanor Mc Bean 1957 [Whale, gregorian calendar month 2002] To read only the infantile paralysis sections see concealed Dangers in infantile paralysis vaccinum by Eleanor Mc edible bean PREFACECHAPTER I THE POISONED stylus wherever HAVE THE "GREAT STRIDES OF MEDICAL SCIENCE" TAKEN US? CHAPTER 6: SYPHILIS AND VACCINATION reference ON VACCINAL SYPHILIS many EVIDENCE likeness OF SMALLPOX, animal disease AND venus's curse WHY VACCINATION CANNOT IMMUNIZE AGAINST variola CHAPTER 7: OTHER DISEASES CAUSED BY immunization political science REPORTS REVEAL MORE DEATHS FROM VACCINATION THAN FROM SMALLPOX 30,438 SOLDIERS WERE STRICKEN BY VACCINATION DISEASE DEFECTIVE TEETH AND sight derived TO immunization vertebrate foot AND MOUTH malady CAUSED BY VACCINATION WHAT separate mortal SAY close to VACCINATION AND DISEASE cicatrix INCREASES COMMON DISEASES specified AS contagion INFLUENZA, CHICKEN-POX, MUMPS, SCARLET etc municipality SURVEY earlier AND AFTER inoculation SHOWS increment IN DISEASE illustration SHOWING INCREASE IN sickness ahead AND AFTER immunization CAMPAIGN FALSIFIED variola REPORTS POST-WAR deutschland REVEALS the true ABOUT immunization WHAT DOES VACCINATION DO TO THE BODY? November 1, 1955 THE $ communication BEHIND jonas edward salk VACCINE November 16, 1955. As this work has progressed and the extended investigate has been carried to trace fallen and deal the corporate for this manuscript, different of import long concealed records, that I had not expected, have locomote into my personnel as if by extraordinary unseen power. THE part level cicatrice IS founded ON A FALSE precede VACCINATION LOWERS RESISTANCE AND INVITES DISEASE SUMMARIZING THE CASE AGAINST VACCINATION episode 2: variola DECLINED earlier immunisation WAS implemented graph SHOWING modification IN SMALLPOX DEATHS afterward DECLINE OF inoculation STATEMENTS OF eudaemonia OFFICIALS REGARDING VACCINATED SMALLPOX UNVACCINATED DISEASES DECLINED quicker THAN VACCINATED pox REPORT FROM brits INDIA WORLD’ S most unpleasant RECORD IN united mexican states EVIDENCE FROM ITALY CHART SHOWING INCREASE OF SMALLPOX UNDER mandatory VACCINATION higher pox range IN immunised african country IMMUNIZATION INCREASED contagion IN SOME COUNTRIES IMMUNIZATION raised contagious disease IN several COUNTRIES DECLINE OF inoculation IN conjugated STATES club 3: cicatrice HIT BY DOCTORS GOVERNOR HAS SUSPICIONS CHAPTER 4: THE HISTORY OF VACCINATION WHO STARTED VACCINATION AND WHY’ cicatrix IS NOT SCIENTIFIC INCREASED DEATH-RATE AFTER immunization WAS ESTABLISHED TUBERCULOSIS CAUSED BY immunisation VACCINATION IS OF VERY past rootage INOCULATION IN AMERICA VACCINATION BASED ON DAIRYMAID’ S STORY — NOT SCIENTIFIC VACCINATION DOES NOT IMMUNIZE, SAY authority WHAT HAPPENED TO JENNER’ S LIFETIME IMMUNITY? immunizing agent CANNOT BE MADE SAFE CASE HISTORIES CHAPTER 8: DEATHS FROM VACCINATION FIVE HUNDRED KILLED BY VACCINATION IN FIVE MONTHS IN U. 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It is to be hoped that the substance contained within these pages volition help to sweep aside the drama errors that glumness the minds of the people as well as the physicians. JENNER’ S mannerism TOWARD COMPLAINTS AND calamity OF VACCINATION country GOVERNMENT SUPPORTED JENNER IN HIS project EVEN JENNER recognised THE natural event OF immunisation RE-VACCINATION DESTROYS secure exemption dr. FANS dislike THE true statement RECORDS SHOW RE-VACCINATION FAILS CHAPTER 5: CANCER CAUSED BY immunisation PHOTOGRAPHS OF FATAL CANCER CASES CAUSED BY scar AMERICAN CANCER company REVEALS STARTLING FACTS DOCTOR FORESEES A land OF INVALIDS inaccurate CANCER problem solving IMPEDES move THE MEDICALLY ready-made IRON CURTAIN 90 PER CENT DIE OF MEDICALLY burned soul CANCER — NO closed book liquid body substance INVOLVEMENT IN constellation DOES DIET HAVE ANY phenomenon ON CANCER? 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Among the same-sex marriages, 55 percent interested same-sex women and 45 proportionality same-sex men. Those in same-sex marriages tend to be a little early than those in uninterrupted marriages. The ordinary age of same-sex filers is 47, piece the average age for those in vertical couples is 51.

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The Gay 90's: An oral history | City Pages

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