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Okay, let's say you're finished concealing your lesbians and you don't demand to bury any gays. There may be a hug, or a purposeful handhold, but never a kiss unless it's to a great extent promoted and publicised (and flat-bottom then, don't get your hopes up that it will go on as advertised). You want to feature a gay property on your show or, hell, make him or her the major character! So basically, you can have gay family and gay couples but they can't be shown really behaving like a couple. So goggle box shows and other media don't drive the natural covering too a great deal on gay affection.

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The '70s - TV Tropes

Ah, the Seesaw Seventies/Sordid Seventies: A time period when dear was free, peace of mind was the mark of the times, people were cheering "me, me, me" through self-esteem, self-discovery and individual identity, and polyester was the cloth of choice. A period in history where the men wear polyester leisure suits with flaring trouser cuffs and huge ties time recreation hard sprayed and manicured hair, sideburns included. Not to be outdone, the women wore feathered, Farrah Fawcett hair above their slinky dresses with no bras underneath.

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But Not Too Gay - TV Tropes

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