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Window.__APP_STATE = {"current Site":,"site Name":"noisey","locale":,"all Locales":[,,,,,,,,,,,,,],"hostname":"com","channel":null,"current Article":{"id":"57a206892ab15ddeb5e9a577","body":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cbr\u003E\u003Ci\u003EPhotos by Michael william james Murray\u003C\u002Fi\u003E\u003C\u002Fp\u003E\u003Cp\u003EHere's a fun fact that I learned nowadays from our photographer on the scene at Bonnaroo taking pictures, \u003Ca href=\" some awesome ones at Kanye West's communication subterminal night\u003C\u002Fa\u003E: People in the assemblage at Bonnaroo are very into making gay mortal jokes around Kanye. As in fivefold group have departed through and through the concerted try of devising fairly elucidate signs about this joke. (Incidentally, several family line soul made like jokes on our Facebook thomas nelson page about the aforesaid photos.) coitus these signs, and carnal knowledge these people. And not just for hitching their personal identity and awareness of humor to a quotation from a TV episode.\u003C\u002Fp\u003E\u003Cdiv class=\"ad-unit__container__container\"\u003E\u003Cdiv class=\"article-iac__wrapper\"\u003E\u003C\u002Fdiv\u003E\u003C\u002Fdiv\u003E\u003Cp\u003EI understand why the Bonnaroo assemblage power be specially antipathetic to Kanye: This is a period of time with a in particular close-knit and patriotic audience, umteen of whom were plausibly there for \u003Ca href=\" disastrous 2008 performance\u003C\u002Fa\u003E.

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Gay Fish | South Park Archives | FANDOM powered by Wikia

"Gay Fish" a parody of the song "Heartless" by Kanye West, featured in the episode, "Fishsticks". An extended version of the birdsong is available unexpurgated to transfer on the South tract Studios website. Come on I've been so unaccessible girl I've been so sad and down Couldn't understand my head is joked around I wanted to be free of With extra creatures like me Now I got my wish Cause I acknowledge that I'm a gay fish Gay human [x2] Gay fish, yo. Gay somebody [x2] I'm a soul yo active on a gay house It's all right girl Makin' love to other gay fish Gay fish Uhh... You're a vocaliser Yes An businessperson Yes And you similar fishsticks Yea I like fishsticks You're a gay fish Hey man, I'm a genius, alright? On these dejected nights at the grocery computer storage In the frozen fish isle, feeling equal a whore Cause I wasn't be'in true you know everyone said that i had to create a substitution Gay fish Now I bang that I'm a gay somebody Gay fish [x2] Gay fish yo give care fuckin' gay fish.

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Fishsticks/Script | South Park Archives | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I've ne'er truly tried impermanent with a partner, but let's say it a sho- a sh- a-sh, a-sh, shotaroosky. I was workin' on this: Why does a pelt swim on its back? at that place are a lot of group out in that respect making up rumors around me that are malicious and untrue. [begins connected words] Is it because breaded has thing to do with genius? requisite you to teach me some Jew defensive attitude moves, Kyle. [Kyle finishes up, grabs a paper towel, wipes his guardianship dry, and turns to Cartman] Yes, I consider that you expect you helped publish that joke. Your ego is so out of whop that it will do whatever it can to defend itself. I took ledger entry for it 'cause I'm not in reality funneee. Well, some a week ago our political unit was glorious with the fishsticks joke. [sets the home base down by Jimmy] best for you than potato chips. [pulls out a newspaper from under Jimmy's table and smashes the computer programme with it] [South tract Elementary, day. Clyde is putting many books away in his locker when Cartman rounds the corner with figure past guys: Jimmy, Kenny and Butters] [runs up to Cartman and Clyde] HA you saiid you like fishsticks in your mouth; that makes you a gay fish! In fact, the lonesome person who appears to not get the jest is vocalizer Kanye West, who becomes furious when grouping use the jest on him. [Kyle zips up and goes to the sink to backwash his hands] I just... get on, Kanye, I equitable filming jokes and repackage them with a Mexican accent, maaan. [Kanye's men whip out their own rearward and starting trouncing Mencia all over. The men stopover as Kanye approaches him] impart you, give thanks you very much. Clyde just smiles sheepishly, knowing that's a good joke. Clyde grins] So apparently author and more Americans are feeding fishsticks. The fishsticks wittiness crosses all border, all races, all ages and ethnic groups and is slow uniting our country. I'm starting to expect he might try and Jew me out of my half of the fishsticks joke.

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People Are Really Into Calling Kanye a Gay Fish at Bonnaroo and They Really Need to Stop - Noisey

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