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Lump on leg I just noticed that my dog has a colossal lump just on a lower floor the elbow on the back of her front leg. If you cut a effortful poached egg in one-half lengthways and point slid it under the skin, that is how it would look/feel. I was able to exam it without any trouble and didn't notice any spectral colour or visible sting marks. She does not execute to be (or have been) bothered by it at all. She is an active, hale yellow lab and nearly 10 days old.

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Strangulation Symptoms and Treatments in Dogs and Cats | Pet First Aid at

Strangulation happens all but a great deal to dogs because they are leashed or ties many often than cats. It takes only a few transactions for strangulation to kill your pet, so you essential discover the situation very quickly. Tethered dogs wrap themselves some and around a pole or tree and once they turn entangled, they effort to get loose and strangle themselves in the process.

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I noticed that my dog has a large lump just below the elbow - Questions & Answers | VetInfo/QA

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