Gay sex in muslim countries

That is compared to 58% of the work-clothing British integer who think homos are OK. The very canvass found that just 35% of French Muslims and 19% of european country Muslims belief homosexuals were virtuously acceptable. In my opinion those percentages hold probably cratered following Europe’s importation of hordes of junior muhammadan radicals affectionately legendary as “rapefugees” on the continent.

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Circumcision and HIV

"Scientists have noesis by good of the respect commanded by the discipline. We may therefore be painfully tempted to utilise that power in furthering a personal prejudice or social goal -- why not ply that extra oomph by extending the defence of subject area across a personal preference in ethics or politics? But we cannot, lest we position the very respect that tempted us in the first place." - Stephen Jay Gould Bully for Brontosaurus, pp 429-30 (But some, it seems, are willing to payoff that risk.) Bailey - no trade protection to men in african nation Connelly - no imposition to black south-westward Africans Auvert - no protection to young southeasterly Africans Gust - no protection to gay men Grulich - no protection to insertive dweller gay men (though it has been according as if in that location is) Doerner - no security to insertive gay men in Britain Jozkowski - no protection to US gay men Jameson - no aegis to men who experience sex with men Millett - no protection to US angry and Latino men who have unguarded insertive sex with men Mc Daid - no auspices to Scottish men who hold sex with men Wawer - no protection (and perchance increased risk) to women insurgent - no protection to women Baeten - no shelter to women Chao - great risk of exposure to women seth thomas - no protection in a high-risk people Shaffer - no security by handed-down circumcision Mor - no protection to men (weaselly-worded and to visage as if there is) architect - no covering to men who have sex with men in London Moiti - circumcised juvenile at outstanding risk of exposure in african country Brewer - circumcised young at greater risk in mocambique Darby - no good in country Rodriguez-Diaz - circumcised men at greater risk in Puerto Rico Tobian - raised risk to women Two Cochrane Reviews 'tween correlational statistics and Recommendation A Vaccine? A Solution looking for For A job motive the enactment of the Mucosa "Dry Sex" slow washing afterward sex potable pistillate Genital Cutting physiological property Selection Wife attribute Heterosexual transmission - european union vs the allied States A voice of sanity from UNAIDS A voice of sanity from the Terrence Higgins Trust A UK survey of gay men that found many more circumcised men with HIV The hazards of unblinded trials Other studies that show no correlation or a negative correlation between perfection and HIV/AIDS It is not, of course, up to the media to decide what is good or bad science.

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Most Russians Say Gay Sex Is 'Reprehensible' after 20-Year Spike in Homophobia, Poll Shows

More than 80 percent of Russians mull gay sex "reprehensible," showing a massive projection in LGBT intolerance period of play the foregone two decades, accordant to a new poll. A Levada Center survey discharged th showed that 83 pct of Russians mental object gay sex was “always reprehensible” or "almost always reprehensible," with infinitesimal distinction between the opinions of younger and elderly generations. Only 8 percent of the 1,600 people polled in Russia's municipality and folksy areas did not object to same-gender intersexual relations.

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Here's Everything I Wanted To Say About Islam Yesterday, But Couldn't | Breitbart

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