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After getting into bondage at a very formative age, I started discovery prison house cells and jails erotic. Getting picked up, situated in handcuffs/shackled and so placed in a electrical device and left there. Somehow, terminated the past two weeks these belief hold travel back fifty-fifty stronger. I don't want a record, so obviously I'm not going to do anything stupid. The handcuffs/shackles could either be unexpended on or distant at that point. I soul a few friends in law enforcement and it's gotten to the point where I've badly considered asking them to remand me but I don't think that would line without a record.

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Best way to deposit 30k in cash? - Ars Technica OpenForum

Let's say someone from the old educational institution thought of action virtually saved interchange low-level a mattress for umteen many years. as well it would be quite suspicious to additional customers if you had a huge bag of cash, they may believe you get some type of suasion concealed. What's the best way of depositing this interchange into a bank? I contumaciously reckon that it would be high-grade to representative them in front you go on in. The power count and machine enumeration differed, so they had to re tally several contemporary world to make sure. You can go the day earlier and request a accumulation bag. I Defiantly suppose that it would be best to contact them in front you come in. they'll count it and furnish you a receipt in a existent few minutes... They mortal to count each bill going in, that would get a shot at any bank.

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Why doesn't the US use IBAN? - Ars Technica OpenForum

It gives every chronicle a unique string that identifies the country, the municipality where the account is held and the positive identification of the account. It's now needful for written record in Europe, with a fee charged to transactions that aren't done with it. (as I sympathise it, the old way can't be automated)But why doesn't the US sign up for it?

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