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Many family feature questions about anal and rima sex. thither are other solemn risks associated specially with anal sex, particularly during pregnancy. Can you get big or get a sexually hereditary malady (STD) from either? true tho' the pregnancy risk is not really momentous with anal or oral exam sex, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can motionless be spread from one person to another. Here you volition find information on some porta and oral sex as all right as answers to many frequently asked questions.

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This Woman Got Pregnant from Having Anal Sex

When your parents told you about the birds and the bees, we bet they didn’t inform you that a penis up your poop chute could get you preggers. Well, luckily, that’s because around 999,999 case in a million, it can’t. D., a medical specialist with the Jersey medicine aggroup in ocean City, was in med school, though, he witnessed the “lucky” one in a million. One night, a young, meaningful woman came into the temporary state section whiny of spotting.

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Is it safe to have anal sex when I'm pregnant? | BabyCenter

In most cases, yes, although at that place are exceptions, including these: Hemorrhoids are added common and look to become bigger as pregnancy progresses. If you do have hemorrhoids – and if they're bleeding and you hold anal sex – you can lose a substantial amount of blood, which can endanger you and your baby. If you experience vascular structure previa (in which the placenta covers all or part of your cervix), anal sex may venture injury to the placenta.

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Oral Sex & Anal Sex During Pregnancy - American Pregnancy Association

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