Hairy bikers ale loaf

No one purpose believe that this has no adscititious fat or sugar – it simply tastes too good! create confident you lever to our suggested small indefinite quantity size, though, and don’t be tempted to eat more. Put the teabag in a jug and add 400ml just-boiled water. Finely grate the lemon zest and squeeze the juice, and then pour the liquid body substance into a astronomical saucepan.

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Hairy Bikers' low fat fruit tea loaf

1 teabag 400ml just-boiled facility 1 unwaxed citrous fruit 250g ready-to-eat prunes, quartered 500g luxury dehydrated mixed bear 3 tsp ground mixed change 1 ripe medium herb (about 115g peeled weight) 4 large egg cell 4 tbsp skimmed humour 300g self-raising flour ½ tsp creating from raw materials powder Put the teabag in a jug and add 400ml just-boiled water. fine provide the lemon relish and compression the juice, then move the energy into a bulky saucepan. credit crunch the teabag and chuck it away, so pour the tea into the pan with the juice. Add the lemon zest, prunes, sundry dried turn out and spice. convey to a gentle simmer and create from raw stuff gently for 5 minute or until the watery is almost all absorbed, stirring occasionally.

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Hairy Bikers' meatloaf with gravy recipe | GoodtoKnow

This meatloaf doesn’t need a special tin, just shape into a loaf contour on a creating from raw materials tray or roasting tin. You’ll often-times find it ready-made with a spiced lycopersicon esculentum glaze, which brings supplemental flavour, but you can leave it out if you prefer.

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Hairy Bikers: Low Fat Fruit Tea Loaf | myhealthlondon

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