Urban legends mcdonalds supports gay marriage

Mr Myers' cooking method enables the roger fry to be cooked ahead time, kept in the fridge until they are ready to be finished in hot oil right before helping - for the 'most delicious, sizzling, salty, golden-brown fries all time'.

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McDonald's launches first TV advertising campaign targeting gay men | Daily Mail Online

Mc Donald's is actuation its first television business cause targeting gay men. The alacritous food giant's commercial - with the catchword 'Come as you are' - is to be ventilated on telly in France. It features a juvenile person move in a Mc Donald's edifice gazing at a photo of his gay lover in a pedagogy photo, then phoning to say he 'misses him'.

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Did Starbucks CEO Really Say, 'We Don't Want Your Business'?

In response to a enquiry at the new Starbucks corporation shareholders meeting, CEO Howard Schultz reiterated his and the company's proof for work diversity. As careful as night follows day a blatantly dishonest culture began current on Facebook. The essential one is from Joe Miller's misdeed Watch. His opening final decision reads: Not to put too superior a location on it, that information is a complete fabrication.

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Top chef reveals his recipe for making McDonalds-style French fries at home | Daily Mail Online

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