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Although folklorists someone seldom concentrated on politics, folklore thrives among decision-making elites and the politically aware citizenry. One style is the "policy legend," a handed-down matter that describes institutions or social conditions, often in a historical frame, to telephone for governmental or collective action. regular though contract legends are typically familial in written form, they change continually, adapting to their political contexts and the concerns of their communicators and audiences.

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Project MUSE - Sex, Pregnancy, and Power in the Late Stalinist Gulag

Found herself in a situation like to that of many another other council women of the postwar era: she was a one-member mother ascent her nine-month-old youngster by herself. The child’s father had leftmost her six months earlier the child’s birth. Had they been living under normal circumstances, changes to Soviet family law in 1944 would human made it incredibly difficult for Zhurba to collect any child support, because they were not married.

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Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

The Russian union has a highly centralized, authoritarian political system dominated by President Vladimir Putin. The two-chambered Federal Assembly consists of a directly nonappointive lower house (State Duma) and an equipped upper legislature (Federation Council), some of which lacked independence from the executive. government Duma elections during 2016 and the chief of state position in 2012 were marked by accusations of government interference and handling of the selection process.

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Project MUSE - Policy Legends and Folklists: Traditional Beliefs in the Public Sphere

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