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Dismissed as a desperate unsuccessful person by those around him, 27-year-old Arata Kaizaki bounces around from one job to additional after quitting his initial company. His routine creation takes a sharp play when..more. After experience the being of a high school intellect through the Re existence experiment, 27-year-old Arata Kaizaki cannot believe how quickly it has denatured him.

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Name: Sam Age: 23Astrological sign: Libra Chinese zodiac: Snake Intrests: writing, drawing (my own manga in process & I expatiate for my GM's game books), sensing to music, Games (RPG, table top role play, board games), LARPing, webcomics, natural resin & manga degenerate Art: Tumblr: AO3: living Journal: Dream Width: The geographic area in which I payoff pics from my information processing system and crook them into jigsaw puzzles: Conventions attended Ikasucon '07, Ohayocon '08, Ikasucon '08, Ohayocon '09, Gencon '11, Ramencon '11Comming Soon: Gencon '13current fanfic interests: occurrence verse (mostly avengers), BBC sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who As a monition I do not update a lot, and I word my AO3 history additional than my account. I may remove a couple, like the ones with alone a couple chapters that I ne'er plan on writing on again, but all of my oneshots official document remain, generally as a reminder to myself on how much I have improved. likewise fair because it nonmoving exsists, the linkup below leads to a diminutive web site with a lean of my OC's from earliest works, it will persist up until I get what to do with the fic's that I had them for. The myths aren't forever right and they aren't always accurate in the events that they portray, but in this case they got a few thing right. A narrative in which choler and grief are sometimes overshadowed by love and in which Loki ever repays his debts, no problem the damage or pain.

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