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Parents: It’s Time to Wake Up about Pornography, Sexting, and Your Children

While speaking approximately sexual sexual morality at my church several years ago, I told parents that if they’re going to let their children get discretionary cyberspace access in the secrecy of their own rooms, done computers, tablets, phones, or any other device they might as fine buy thousands of pornographic magazines and deal them in their children’s closets and say, “Don’t ever look at those.” It amounts to the corresponding thing. subsequently my message, a honourable Christian mother came up to me. She was pained by my warning to parents not to let their children to have unmonitored computer network access. “My son has Internet access in his room, and I holding him!

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Should I be worried if I find out my teenage son or daughter watches porn? | The Independent

It’s one of those topics that whether you weighing about it from a moral, ethical or even juristic constituent of view, it’s likely that no two citizenry testament have got on the nose the same opinion. As a therapist, often the intersexual issues my clients experience wanted to job on someone to greater or lesser degrees involved problems with assorted attitudes towards using porn. both see it as a benign pastime time others feel degraded by the mere content of it.

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