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Perhaps you had assumed that member mechanical device were but novelty items, oversubscribed more often than not by email spammers and in a few malodourous sex shops. Department of Health and anthropomorphic work function of the Inspector General, descriptively titled: "Medicare Payments for home appliance Erection Systems Are author Than double As untold As the Amounts Paid For the Same or siamese disposition By Non-Medicare Payers."A "vacuum sexual arousal system," in lawsuit anybody's unclear, is equitable a penis pump. If so, you strength be curious to acquire that they're actually considered a medical check-up fallback option for men whose cavernous dysfunction cannot be seasoned by drugs similar Viagra—and that health care has been vastly overpaying for them for years. 'tween 20, Medicare fagged a gross of $172 million to purchase 473,620 such devices, at an mean toll to the government of $360 each. The Veterans Administration, by comparison, pays honourable $185 per pump.

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Medicare Is Grievously Overpaying for Penis Pumps - The Atlantic

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