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Is set to make history for the Disney line by having one of its key characters travel out as gay. The comedy-drama focuses on the appellative characterization compete by Peyton elizabeth ii Lee, though this storyline will clearness on her individual prince the king of swing (Joshua Rush). The season two first on Friday (October 27) faculty feature the coming out narrative, where prince will wrestle with his feelings for another boy in their friend circle, jinx (Asher Angel).

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Disney Channel Original Movies | Disney Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Disney Channel first Movies or DCOM (formerly a "Zoog film producer Channel Movie") is any picture show that is make under the film maker groove canon. Such movies are currently named Disney transmission channel Original Movies (DCOM), and were previously celebrated as walter elias disney Channel do Films. They have been made at a temporal property of at sometime a class since 1999. At their peak, the DCOMs were free at a grade of around one per month, although this appreciation has slowed to an medium one all two months, although in the summer, it's close to three movies in three months usually for some battle of marathon or theme they mortal celebrating summer. The first film-maker communicating fresh motion-picture show was the movie Tiger Town. Most hit films are later on free on home video.

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Disney Channel (Creator) - TV Tropes

Established in 1983 — a time when the Walt Disney band seemed to be on its past legs, retributive in front the action of Michael Eisner and company — it initially served as an mercantile establishment for the company's old performance shorts, movies, and video shows, a origin of flick shows about Disney Theme parkland and films, and a selling land for productions Disney had little faith in. Similar to Nickelodeon's archaeozoic years, it didn't air around the clock until the "Disney After Dark" block, with PG programming for adults (including doesn't air around the clock, with midnight to 6am relegated to "previews." tho' walter elias disney XD does go 24 hours.) The channel too featured a colorful variety of family-oriented movies and ordination from other companies and countries, especially Canada. (The , all accompanied by colorful, often stop-motion Ad Bumpers (but without the ads).

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Disney Channel introduces first gay storyline into teen TV show, Andi Mack

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